Working Out with Refugees

Last year, our team started a fitness class for Syrian women in a Middle Eastern refugee camp. It meets several times a week, with over fifty women in every class.

They are so dedicated that they come even when it's over one hundred degrees--with no fans or air conditioning!

It's been a joy to watch the women take part in the class over the months. They've come alive, and many are experiencing healing from trauma. For example, one woman said that she hadn't felt joy since the loss of her newborn child last year. Since joining the fitness class, her hope and joy are returning.

After we'd been leading the fitness class for several months, we realized that we could make an even greater impact in the community. Even though the refugee women were thankful for the help, they didn't want to always be on the receiving end. They wanted to give back and bless others.

That's when we started training a handful of the women to lead their own classes. And what they've given back to their community has exceeded our expectations!

One woman started a fitness class for teenage girls. Others take turns leading some of the weekly classes.

These ladies are growing in confidence as they are equipped with new skills. When they step to the front to lead, they flash confident smiles and fill the room with enthusiasm.

More importantly, they are discovering the One who is the source of joy and hope.

We recently invited our trainees to discover Jesus through God's Word. We've been meeting together every week to hear from the Gospels and encourage one another to live out Jesus' commands.

This is the first time many of them have heard the truth about Jesus Christ.

They love what they are learning and are showing signs of becoming a community that prays together, supports one another, and cares for others.

May they find new life in Christ and grow into faithful disciples who invite others to follow Him!

  • Pray for the continued revelation of Jesus Christ in the hearts and minds of Syrian women as they hear the Word.
  • Ask God to give them a passion to share the Gospel with families and friends.
  • Pray for more Frontiers teams to be sent by their churches to help bring the hope of Jesus Christ to Syrian refugees.

Main photo by UN Women