Why Frontiers?

Frontiers has very few rules but holds true to several core values. Here's how they work out in practice. If this resonates with you and where you are at, get in touch.

>> You want to be part of a team

We believe that working in teams is crucial not only for effectiveness but also for ensuring people can stick it out in the places they're called to. We also have a 'field-led' approach which means that decisions are made by those who are closest to the action.

>> You're up for a challenge!

pageimage_whyfrontiers-2.pngThe one thing we definitely can't promise is a boring life!  Our teams tell us that what they are doing now is the most challenging thing they've ever done. At the same time, they tell us it's the best and most rewarding thing they've ever done.

>> You want to invite Muslims to follow Jesus

Lots of our teams are engaged in serving Muslim communities through NGO work, business, education, health care and other means. There are many ways and opportunities for us to love Muslims, make Jesus known and invite people to follow him in community.

>> You want to join with what God is doing in the Muslim world

More Muslims have come to faith in Jesus in your lifetime than in the rest of history combined. This is an exciting time to be working where He is not yet known in order to see more following Him.  

>> You want to learn and grow

We've been involved in this work for over 30 years. We've learned a lot over that time and we place a big emphasis on equipping and accountability. Once you get to the Muslim world, the learning doesn't stop there. Frontiers teams are encouraged to be eager for training and upgrading, and many means exist for you to develop your knowledge and skills and ensure you thrive.

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