Join millions of Christians worldwide in prayer for the Muslim world during Ramadan


April 12 - May 12, 2021


Order the 2021 illustrated 30 Days prayer guide booklet so you can pray with insight into the needs of the Muslim world during Ramadan.


30 daily readings containing:

  • Informative articles

  • Prayer points for unreached people groups

  • Prayer points for geographical areas of the Muslim world

  • Resources for involvement


Please request your free copy of the 30-day prayer guide – and prices for additional copies for your church/friends, by contacting our staff - 0303 333 5051 or email  

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The first house church in our district 11th Jan 2021

Discover how Ali became a ‘Man of Peace’ and key to starting the first house church in a district of Istanbul.

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Wednesday 4th September

Urban poor

In contrast with the wealthy lives of some in urban areas, are those living in the Muslim ghettoes of Gujarat.

Ghettoes might give the ide...

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