10th Apr 2019

Psalm 47:1 – “Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy.”

Pray for Darfur, a region which is known almost entirely for its relentless conflict. Pray for an end to the violence and for justice to prevail, and that God’s kingdom would come through the trials. 

Pray for the Sudanese government in Khartoum which is so heavily involved in the hostilities. Ask for mercy, good leadership and those in authority to be transformed by the radical love of Jesus.

Thank God for the continued fruit amongst Sudanese refugees in neighbouring countries, and pray for gospel witness to be made easier within the country’s borders.

Believers in South Sudan are willing to forgive the Sudanese Arabs for the struggles of the past but many are not motivated to reach out to them. Pray for a change of heart and a great labour force to rise up amongst them.

Praise God for the growth of his church in Sudan! Ask for protection from continued persecution and strength in their faith. Pray for more and more fruit to be seen amongst them, particularly in the Nuba Mountains and Darfur regions.

Ask the Lord to send more workers to go and live amongst the Sudanese people, to witness to the oppressed and oppressors alike. Pray that Sudan would become a nation that ‘shouts out to God in joy for their salvation!’


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