1st Aug 2019

For years, Aisha had struggled with anxiety and depression. Once, she even attempted suicide. 

Weeks away from the birth of her first child, Aisha’s anxieties overwhelmed her. The doctor had told her that the baby’s sideways position required a caesarean section, and this terrified her.

Then one day, Aisha met Lizzie, a Frontiers worker walking and praying through her neighbourhood. After chatting a few moments, Lizzie asked, “How can I pray for you?”

“Ask God to give me a smooth delivery,” Aisha said. “My baby’s in the wrong position, and I’m so afraid of having a caesarean section.” As Lizzie prayed in Jesus’ name, Aisha’s fears began to fade as peace and hope flickered in her heart.

In the following weeks, Lizzie continued visiting Aisha and praying for a healthy delivery. They also studied the stories of Jesus in the Word together. Then, just before the due date, the baby moved its position. Aisha delivered her child naturally and thanked God for answering their prayer. Declaring that she believed everything she’d learned about Jesus, Aisha told Lizzie, “I’m ready to put my faith in Him.”

As a new follower of Jesus, Aisha began sharing the Gospel with her friends and neighbours. She also started serving her family with joy and peace. Her husband, Jamal, noticed.


Surprised by the transformation of his once-anxious wife, Jamal also put his faith in Jesus.


Shortly afterward, Aisha and Jamal were baptised together.

Aisha longed to bring the Gospel to her extended family too. But they lived in a remote village with no phone service, and she had no way of contacting them. It’d been years since she’d spoken with any family members.

Then Aisha started having a recurring dream in which she saw her mother alone in a dark room, crying out for her daughter’s help. As she and Lizzie prayed about the dream, Aisha felt God leading her to go visit her family. Taking from their meager savings, she and Jamal bought bus tickets for the two-day journey to the village.

Upon arriving, they discovered that her mother had just passed away.

But God had already prepared other family members to hear the Good News. Over several days, Aisha and Jamal shared the Gospel, and more than 30 relatives put their faith in Jesus and were baptised. Now the new believers are praying for the Gospel to multiply beyond the village and spread throughout the whole province.

  • Praise God for delivering Aisha from her fears and anxieties—and for transforming her into a joyful witness for the Gospel.

  • Pray for the Good News to spread beyond this village and into other regions and countries.

  • Ask the Lord to raise up more workers like Lizzie who will make disciples among Muslim families.

**This account comes from a long-term worker. Names and places have been changed for security.**

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