13th Jan 2020

Joe recently went on a Frontiers prayer trip to the Turkic world to pray for towns where there are few or no believers. We asked him to share his experiences with us...


What most impacted you on the trip?
Being able to meet local people face to face and share my testimony with them was amazing. I also loved how happy they were for us to pray for their town and for them personally. 

What inspired you the most on the trip?
Meeting a local Muslim background believer (MBB) and seeing how radical and courageous she is sharing her faith while living in a place hostile to those who become believers in Jesus. It was incredible to see how sold out she was.  I came back inspired with a new sense of boldness and power, and a greater appreciation of the freedom I have in England to share the gospel with anyone.

Do you have any interesting stories of your time there?
On the way to one of our prayer towns, we stopped in a small town for tea. Sitting outside the cafe was a man with a walking stick drinking tea. As we spoke to him we discovered he was a seeker and in touch with a Bible correspondence course that helps Muslims find out about Jesus. He had a lot of questions and we spent time sharing with him through a translator. Later we passed his details onto the long-term team. It was amazing that God connected us with him as we discovered that this town had been visited by a prayer team 4 years previously. We were literally seeing some of the fruit from those prayers!

What did you learn about the role of short and long term work?
I realise that cooperation between the two is really important. Knowing we would only spend a few days there meant we could be more courageous in our approach to praying and sharing. Being tourists, people didn’t view us as a threat. We went to towns that the long-term workers don’t have the capacity to visit. We debriefed with them afterward and were able to connect them with those we found open to the gospel.

Why not organise a short-term trip with a group of four or more people from your church to go to an unreached part of the Muslim world? If you think you could gather a small team, we can help ensure your trip is strategic, well planned and part of a long-term goal. We’d love you to get in touch if you’d like to do this.


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