18th Feb 2020

In a remote corner of east Africa, my teammates and I are witnessing how dramatically the Gospel is spreading in Muslim villages.

My language tutor is a woman named Salma. Over the years, my teammates and I have shared Bible stories with her, and she’s gradually drawing near to Christ.

She’s also helping us refine the story-based health lessons we offer in communities and villages.

A few months ago Salma’s sister, Mahmuna, asked us to come to her village to share these lessons. So once a week, we began driving 30 miles into the desert to present them to the women in the small community.

Then the rainy season came and made the road impassable.

It was weeks before we were able to return. When we finally visited to resume the lessons we were prepared to start again from the beginning. We assumed that the women would have forgotten the health teachings and stories in the time since we last met.

But as I began to recap the previous lessons Mahmuna interrupted me. She shared how she had gone to another village and found people suffering from diarrhoea. She showed them how to make the oral rehydration solution we had taught her in a previous lesson, and everyone got better.

There were also many malnourished children in the village. So Mahmuna taught another group of villagers to make the nutrition supplement she had learnt from us.

“I’m not a doctor,” Mahmuna told the people in the village. “But I know a few things from a woman who taught me. Now you know a few things you can teach others.”

Mahmuna and the other women had not only remembered the previous lessons; they were also sharing them with others!

Then it was time for the Bible story portion of the lesson. Previously we had shared stories about Old Testament prophets. This time, we described Jesus’ birth, the shepherds in the field, and the prophecies of Simeon and Anna in the temple.

The women interrupted the story with excited comments. “Do you understand this?” they asked one another.


“Do you hear this good news?” We had hardly finished before they started retelling it to each other.


That’s how we know they are engaged—when they interrupt our stories and retell them to one another.

“These stories are important and beautiful,” Mahmuna said. “People in other villages need to hear them too.”

  • Praise God for how the Gospel is spreading among Muslims in this region!

  • Pray that Mahmuna and other women will believe in Christ and share the Good News in other villages.

  • Ask God to equip Frontiers teams to bring lasting holistic transformation to Muslim communities.

**This account comes from a long-term worker. Names and places have been changed for security.

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