9th Jun 2021

Ministry Trainees 

We are very grateful for the gifts that have funded our first two trainees who joined last Autumn – we'll soon be posting an interview with them. We are praying for more people to join the training scheme. If you would like to support this development, please let us know. 

Relief Projects 

Frontiers teams are running numerous relief projects to help local communities hit hard by the pandemic, many financed through our Coronavirus Response appeal. One team’s sustainable farming initiative in East Africa has benefited from individuals’ gifts (and a generous donation from the World Day of Prayer). You can support these projects, or help to raise new teams for least-reached people and places.

Prayers Welcome  

More people from across the UK have started receiving our ‘Pray Now’ weekly e-zine as we seek God’s powerful work throughout the Muslim world.  

“There has never been a spiritual awakening in any country or locality that did not begin in united prayer” 
 – AT Pierson. 

We’d love you to join us - subscribe by phone or via our website.

Social Media 

Our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts are being developed with more content (including videos) for those interested in going and for prayers. Social media followers are encouraged to subscribe to our ‘The Journey’ and  ‘Pray Now’ e-zines.


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    INVEST 9th Jun 2021

    To get involved in praying, giving or mobilising others to go, please get in touch.

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    Wednesday 4th September

    Urban poor

    In contrast with the wealthy lives of some in urban areas, are those living in the Muslim ghettoes of Gujarat.

    Ghettoes might give the ide...

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