14th May 2019

Joel stood in front of the biggest mosque on the busiest street in a city of millions. It was nearly sunset on a Ramadan day, and the street was packed with men as they waited to commemorate the end of the day’s fast. Street vendors crowded sidewalks with their mobile kitchens, filling the air with oil and spice. To Joel, it felt like being at the state fair or a huge block party.

In the heightened spirituality of Ramadan, Joel found it easy to share Jesus with Muslims. He simply asked them how the fast was going. Soon he’d be discussing religion with a passionate group of long-bearded men.

During one such conversation, a young man approached to listen. As the conversation wound down, the man introduced himself as Salek.

Salek saw no point in fasting and praying like good Muslims are taught to do. He’d lost hope in Islam and given up on religion.

But one thing he hadn’t given up on: a dream from his childhood.

In the dream, he walked along a big path that led toward a wall of rocks. Suddenly the wall started to fall. Salek was afraid the rocks would crumble on him. He screamed and ran, but there was no escape. There was no way out. Salek had had this dream many times as a child and always woke up screaming.


One night, the dream changed, and Salek saw a narrow side street leading to a way out.


“It led to a door where I could escape,” he told Joel. “And ever since, I’ve wondered about the meaning of the dream ever since.” Salek challenged Joel, “If you’re as spiritual as you seem, tell me what this means.”

“I think I do know the meaning,” Joel offered. He shared from Matthew 7, where Jesus says the way to destruction is easy, but the way that leads to eternal life is narrow and difficult, and few find it. “Jesus Christ is the escape. He’s the way to safety with our Heavenly Father.”

For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few. (Matthew 7:14)

For the first time in his life, Salek felt the dream made sense. The big path led to harm. But Jesus offered a way out—a door to eternal life.

For the next hour, Joel told Salek the Good News of Jesus Christ and His path to eternal peace and safety. And now they meet regularly to study God’s Word together.

“Some Muslim men argue against the Good News when they hear it for the first time,” says Joel. “But the Spirit prepared Salek’s heart, even as a child, to believe in Jesus. Salek simply took in the truths he was hearing and listened to them with a believing heart.”

  • Pray for Salek to fully accept Jesus Christ as His Savior and for the Word to be rooted in his heart.
  • Pray that he will share what he’s learning with his family and that they will begin to study God’s Word together.
  • Ask the Spirit to prepare the hearts of Muslims by giving them dreams and visions of Jesus Christ.


**This account comes from a long-term worker. Names have been changed for security.**

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