5th Oct 2019

  1. Pray for Gulf Arabs who are seeking deeper meaning to their comfortable lives, that they would meet followers of Jesus who can share truth with them. Pray especially for those with positions of influence to use it for incredible gospel growth.

  2. Pray that Arab university students questioning Islam would encounter Jesus through media and the internet, and that a new generation of believers would emerge among them.

  3. Pray for God’s favour on Frontiers workers using their skills and passions to work alongside professional Arabs. May their friendships and connections lead to many new fellowships of believers starting.

  4. Pray for the huge number of poor migrant workers from places such as the Philippines and Pakistan who know Jesus and have opportunities to shine for him in their places of work. Ask God to unlock the great potential of their influence amongst their employers. 

  5. Join us in asking the Lord to send more workers to the Gulf countries, where the needs and opportunities are great. Pray that the Holy Spirit would stir the UK church for unreached Arab peoples.


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