10th Feb 2020

We asked Frontiers' teams serving overseas how short-term trips impacted them or the ministry they’re involved in. Turn the page for a selection of their replies…

Sparking revival

After fifteen years reaching Muslim women in South East Asia I was feeling discouraged. I started praying and fasting for more of God’s presence here. Around this time my sister in the US was seeing the Lord move powerfully as she stepped out in faith and in the identity and authority she has in Jesus. She has a burden for the country where we live so brought a seven person short-term team to bless us. They fasted and prayed before coming with the ambitious goal of starting a revival.

After praying with them we took a week-long trip together into two new unreached areas where we prayed, worshipped, saw several miracles and led a few people to the Lord. We are still in touch with some of those people.

The second week we visited a refugee camp where the Lord did more miracles through us. People were hungry for the gospel and many wept as we spoke the word of God into their lives. This refugee group has never been the same since. Many, including leaders, have started following Christ. One woman who’d read a bit of the Bible said she experienced what the Bible spoke about.

For the last 3 days of the trip the team focused their prayers and efforts into one village in our city. We blessed, encouraged and spoke hope over people. We played with the local kids and saw about ten miracles (a painful shoulder and a toothache healed, etc.). We met and prayed for the head of the mosque, who said his health dramatically improved after receiving prayer. He is now a believer in Jesus. 

Our long-term team continued to follow up these people making house visits until eventually some fanatics stopped us coming in. We led many to the Lord, saw healings, taught about the kingdom of God and visited other nearby villages as we were invited. So far this move of God has affected about 25 other areas. God is good and it has been such a privilege to see his kingdom come here. We would happily host teams like this again!
Angela in SE Asia

A short step in a long direction

As an 18 year old I made a vision and prayer trip to Niger for one month. One day we had time alone with the Lord and I asked him specifically if it was his idea for me to spend my life reaching out to Muslims or if this was my own idea. He answered that very moment and put a country on my heart. I then found out that there was a team forming to go there which I joined. This word from God and the team commitment helped me to stay focused during the following years of studying and preparing to go.

Grace in Western Asia 


Our church is waking up! 

Having recently returned from a prayer & share trip to an unreached town in Turkey we told our ‘God stories’ to a gathering in our church. Many were struck by the fact you could share so boldly in a Muslim country and were moved by the stories of the Turkish believers we had met. 

As a church we have a great vision for our town and do a lot to bless our community, but now God is waking us up to the needs of unreached nations. 
We’re planning to send teams over several years to the same region, supporting the handful of resident workers, and looking to raise up young people to move out there. As a church we can have a significant impact in the Muslim world. What a joy it will be to meet people from that region in heaven, partly because our church invested in that place! 

Rob in the UK

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