3rd Nov 2020

Praise God for the small numbers of believers from Uyghur and Hui backgrounds in China. Pray that they would be strengthened and protected and that they would gather together in fellowships that multiply across the country.

Thank the Lord for the strong Han Chinese church. Pray that he would send forth labourers from amongst them, to lead the way in extending Jesus’ compassion towards their Muslim neighbours.

Pray for those Muslims, and in particular the Uyghurs, under oppression from the central government. Ask that God would hear their cries and that through their struggles they would also seek his face and find new life in him.

Ask God to raise up co-workers and trainers from across the world to go and strengthen the efforts of the local Chinese church.

Pray especially for pioneers to move to China to make their lives amongst the Muslims there. Ask that they would break new ground in bringing the message of God’s kingdom to them.


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