31st Mar 2021

As a regular subscriber to our weekly prayer guide, Pray Now, Sarah shares her story of a lifetime of praying for Muslims to know Jesus:

“God started my interest in the Muslim world 50 years ago when I joined OM (Operation Mobilisation). You couldn’t be with OM and not be aware of the needs of the Muslim world. (You still can’t!) Prayer for the Muslim world was high on the agenda and remains so – for them and for me.

On return to my home town I found a growing Muslim presence. My work as a teacher in a school with a number of Muslim families gave me many relationship opportunities and people to pray for. It has become the norm in this town to have Muslim neighbours and they are now part of everyday life in many areas, which means more opportunities to pray and reach out.

So why are relationships with Muslims so important? Why do I care about them? Because God cares about them. I’m so thankful that Jesus died for me. But he died for Muslims too. With my Christian background this message is clear. For Muslims it is not.

There are so many ways of being involved and many of them are available to all of us. God doesn’t call us all to go but he does call us all to care. (Of course, many from the Muslim world have come to us and we must make the most of that too!)

So what are some of the ways?

  • first and foremost, commitment to pray, pray, pray for Muslims
  • pray over the ever-changing news from the Muslim world
  • share prayer items with others in your church; the more prayer the better!
  • be open to God using you on the ‘mission field’ – which might be here in the UK in your town, your street, your workplace

Is it worth the effort? What would God say? I certainly have found it to be worth every investment I have made.  There is so much happening. Let’s all be a part of it.”

If you would like to join Sarah and hundreds of others in praying for Muslims, you can sign up to receive our weekly prayer guides or send us an email at: info@frontiers.org.uk


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